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Best 10 Online IT Training Courses in South Africa

Information Technology (IT) is the use and management of information using computers. All software, hardware and related devices used in processing, storage dissemination, transmission, and transfer data on computers and smartphones are considered IT. Every time you watch a video, listen to a song, or check your email, you are accessing IT services. IT can include database development, computer networking, and software engineering.

Computer science and IT are two of the most popular subjects at our school. Our students have the chance to learn programming, AI and cybersecurity.

If you have certifications and experience in these areas, this popularity is a reflection of the number and size of career opportunities available to officers. Our selection of IT and computer science online courses can help you whether you are looking to improve an existing skill or learn new ones.

Learn IT & Computer Science Online

There are many courses that will help you get started in the field. You can build strong foundations and decide if this is the right career path for your. Courses like An Introduction to Cyber Security or Programming 101 will help you do that.

You can also find courses that will help you improve your skills if you have previous experience in the industry.

We offer a range of courses to help you advance your career and change roles.

Online learning allows you to be flexible and can study whenever and wherever you like. Shorter courses typically require between 2-6 hours of study per week. You can choose how much time you spend.

While you are gaining highly sought-after skills and experience, you don’t need to worry about making long commutes to school or spending more time away from your home.

How to choose an IT and computer science program

We have courses that cover everything you need to know about the wide range of topics in computer science and IT.

There are many subjects to choose from, including AI and robotics and coding & programming and game development. There are many study areas within each of these.

Our cyber security and business technology categories might be the right choice for those who are interested in IT and computer science courses.

For those who are interested but lack the skills, we offer 101 and introductory courses. These courses were developed by subject-experts to give you a solid foundation to either start your own projects or build upon.

Computer science and IT qualifications

You’ll find additional options for study, in addition to our online courses.

Microcredentials are a way to upskill your IT skills and computer science knowledge, in line with emerging industries that require additional qualifications. This can have a significant impact on your earnings.

These microcredentials may be used to earn credit towards a degree or independent certification.

Full-time degree programs can be found at top universities. These programs can help you expand your knowledge in a particular area and can be completed part-time or fully-time.