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Best 10 Online Internet Marketing Training Courses in South Africa

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There are many ways to improve your digital marketing skills. You can start by getting involved in digital marketing groups and “talk shop” with people who are more experienced than you. Another option is to take courses as a group or individually in college or professional programs to earn a degree. We’ll be focusing here on online courses that are largely self-paced.

The self-paced course is not limited to having a specific start and end date or following a schedule. For example, class meets every Wednesday from 12-2. You can access all of the material online at your own pace. This type of course offers the same kind of linear, focused instruction as you would receive in a classroom but at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Many of these courses are completely free. Even if they aren’t, they are significantly cheaper than traditional academic courses.

Before you start, do your research on the topic.

Take a look at what each course covers to help you decide which digital marketing courses are best for you. You can read past student reviews by clicking on the course pages. Some pages have these reviews, while others do not. To find testimonials from past students for a course, you can do a Google search.

While we tried to list the top digital marketing courses available in 2021, if you have specific requirements, it might be worth looking beyond these courses to find the right course to teach the content you need.

The best digital Marketing Courses 2021

We give you an overview of each course and tell you how much it will cost. You can then plan your perfect courseload, either one at a given time or as a whole semester.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Semrush can help you assess your online visibility

Ashley Segura teaches Content Marketing Fundamentals with Ashley Segura

Joel Bondorowsky teaches the PPC Fundamentals Course

Internet Marketing for Smart People

Google Universal Analytics Essential Training

Small Business Marketing via Social Media

Digital Marketing Postgraduate Program

Digital Media and Marketing

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

This course is a great choice if you are looking for a solid foundational course covering all the essentials of digital marketing. Google offers one of the best free courses in digital marketing through its Google Digital Garage offering. It’s accredited both by The Open University Europe and Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe. Start here if you are just starting out in digital marketing or unsure where to begin.

Check your online visibility with Semrush

Digital marketers need to master SEO. This is how websites rank in search engine results. If you don’t rank on the first page of search engines, you should fix it. Kelsey Gettis, of Semrush, will teach you how to assess your SEO performance and fix issues like appearing on page two.